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Money can be tight at times, especially once we retire and find ourselves living on a fixed income. Living expenses go up every year. Yet many older people are missing out on vital benefits or paying over the odds for their bills.

Our Moneywise guide is full of advice on boosting income and cutting expenses, with tips on shopping around for the best deals.

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Managing anxiety

We all feel anxious sometimes. But although anxiety is common in older people, it isn’t a normal part of ageing.

Our Managing anxiety guide looks at what anxiety is, how it might make someone feel and how they can get support when they need it.

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Coping with alcohol and drug misuse

Changes to our bodies in later life make us more sensitive to the effects of alcohol and drugs. Even moderate use can become a problem.

Our Coping with alcohol and drug misuse guide explains the risks and outlines where you can get support for both yourself and others.

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Most of us like to keep things that have special meaning to us. But, for some people, this attachment to belongings can become a problem that has an impact on every aspect of their lives.

Our Hoarding guide explains what hoarding is, why some people are particularly affected, and where people can get support if they need it.

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Settling into a care home

Moving into a care home can feel like a big change. So, it can help to know how to ensure the move goes as smoothly as possible.

Our Settling into a care home guide provides tips on what to do when moving in, including real-life experiences from care home residents, relatives and staff.

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Planning for the end of life

Thinking about the end of life can be difficult and emotional. However, taking time to plan ahead and consider wishes can make things less stressful when the time comes.

Our Planning for the end of life guide helps people plan for the future, providing support on starting difficult conversations and thinking about finances and property.

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Coping with bereavement

When someone dies it can be a devastating experience. But no one has to go through it alone.

Our Coping with bereavement guide looks at how someone might be feeling after a bereavement and where they can look for support when they need it.

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Sheltered housing and extra care housing

Retirement housing can be complicated and it’s not always easy to find the right option.

Our Sheltered housing and extra care housing guide explain the different ways you can apply for retirement housing and the sort of things to look out for.

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