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News Covid-19 Update 14/05/2020

As we continue to forge our way through this global crisis, Flexicare are proud to say, that excepting additional PPE for our carers, that we are providing care for our clients as we always have.
At the onset of this crisis we were honest about the struggle we had experienced trying to source masks, we have been inundated with offers of homemade masks for our carers alongside, ear protectors and hand sanitiser. It has been heartwarming, and we are profoundly grateful to those who have been so generous and thoughtful.
We were overjoyed to be provided with PPE from the County Council to bridge the gap between what we have not been able to source from our usual suppliers. Meaning we have been able to continue to provide care in the safest way possible for our clients and ensuring our valued Carers are protected also.
We are finding new ways to deliver the operational side of Flexicare- continuing to recruit and train our carers by utilising our online training library and creating our own content to deliver digitally.
Lastly, but by no means least, we want to thank the Flexicare Carers. Whom go out each day, working on the frontline and delivering much needed and vital services to our clients. Your unwavering commitment and care.


Update 02/04/2020

In these unprecedented times Flexicare continues to provide first class care for our clients. Our carers are continuing to give their all and we want to take a moment to thank them for their unwavering commitment. We want to extend our thanks to our clients for their patience and understanding as we forge our way through these trying times.

After one of the owners of Flexicare spoke on BBC Radio Gloucestershire regarding the shortage of masks we and other care providers have been experiencing we have seen Gloucestershire locals making masks for our carers, donations of hand sanitisers and one gentleman who insisted on paying for the fuel for one of our carers. In these difficult times we have seen so many beautiful gestures from members of the public and we want to extend or upmost thanks to those people who have been so thoughtful and generous.

Training continues in ‘Covid-19 and Aged Care’, Handwashing techniques and how to safely remove PPE to protect our clients and carers.

Coronavirus Covid/19 Update 18/03/2020

Flexicare is continuing to offer support to clients and carers alike during the current Coronavirus/Covid 19 pandemic.

Office staff are working tirelessly to ensure clients receive their care while ensuring our carers and clients are safe.

Staff are completing new online remote training on ‘Covid-19 and Aged Care’ and the founder of Flexicare has produced a handwashing technique video which has been circulated to carers to reinforce the importance of handwashing.

The Flexicare team has faced issues with locating facemasks and in light of this the team has worked to produce our own. Locating materials from a local craft store and delivering these to clients along with hand soap and paper towels. We hope this small gesture in a time of uncertainty will bring a comfort to our clients who remain our utmost priority.

We are ensuring any staff who have symptoms are self-isolating for 7 days as well as ensuring that anyone who comes from a household where someone has symptoms are self-isolating for 14 which is in line with current advice from the Government.


Update 13/03/2020

Flexicare corona virus/19 update:@ Covid /19 is spreading we are aligning our action with government advice. Following government advice Flexicare UK will be working in collaboration with multi disciplinary teams. We will be working to protect you in the “peak” of the pandemic. If you have a high temperature or cough stay at home and isolate; THIS ADVICE IS FOR CLIENTS AND PERSONAL ASSISTANTS AT FLEXICARE UK LTD. Schools at the moment will not be closed; however in the event of school closure, Flexicare UK will offer free childminding services for all WELL children. Flexicare UK Ltd will welcome volunteers and full training will be available (DBS checks will be funded for all volunteers).For your reassurance all Flexicare Personal Assistants are well trained in infection control and understand the importance of HAND WASHING THOROUGHLY AND CORRECTLY, Personal Protective clothing will be provided as per company policy for all Flexicare UK Personal Assistants. We will work collaboratively with more robust protective clothing as required by Public Health England advice. ALL PERSONAL ASSISTANTS WITH FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS MUST SELF ISOLATE FOR 7 DAYS. Flexicare UK Ltd is committed to working with the government during the delay stage of the Corona virus/19 pandemic. ANY FLEXICARE UK PERSONAL ASSISTANTS WITH A PERSISTENT COUGH AND A HIGH TEMPERATURE MUST SELF ISOLATE FOR SEVEN DAY!!!!!We commit to working with our clients families on a case by case basis to ensure continuity of care and support. Social Distancing will come into practice at Flexicare UK Ltd as soon as advised by Public Health England. As at 12th March 2020 Flexicare UK Ltd services will continue to deliver outstanding care and support services within Gloucestershire. Jeanette Phillips. CEO. Flexicare UK Ltd.




Flexicare UK Ltd have always taken infection control very seriously.

Over two decades all our Personal Assistants and Management have been trained to the highest standard in Infection Control.

Since 2015 : l Flexicare UK Personal Assistants complete a Nationally Accredited Standard of Infection Control knowledge as part of their Care Certificate (National Government Requirement for working in Health and Social Care in: Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Community Care).

Over the last eighteen months a strong emphasis on Hand Hygiene Training has been delivered at Flexicare UK Ltd.

This has been delivered by experts in Infection Control, as well as qualified nurse training for all Personal Assistants.

As our Duty of Care to keep you safe, we currently   provide simple Protective Clothing   ie: Plastic Aprons/Latex and Vinyl   gloves/Face Masks and Shoe Protectors.

Our Personal Assistants understand the IMPORTANCE AND DUTY OF CARE of Hand Hygiene and will ensure that your care and support is safely carried out.

The gloves that Flexicare UK Ltd provide are used to protect yourself and Flexicare Persona l Assistants and Flexicare clients are asked if they would provide soap and kitchen roll for correct Hand Hygiene procedure (As per National Standards/Flexicare UK Training).

Flexicare Staff are trained when/where/what/ and how to use aprons and gloves safely (including) donning and removal; and have recently been sent all government advice from Public Health England.

Please see below Flexicare UK Ltd commitment to Safe Care/Clean Hands Research (World Health Organisation 2000-2020). And our commitment to working with our multi -disciplinary partners should the virus be unable to contain.

  • Flexicare UK Ltd commit to working with NHS/Commissioners AND Social Care partners to enable clients to be supported and cared for at home with best practice in Infection Control Procedures at all times
  • Flexicare UK Ltd will work collaboratively with the NHS/Local Authorities and Volunteers to ensure a consistent and   professional standard of care in the community.
  • Any Personal Assistant feeling ill/showing symptoms/ testing positive for the Coronavirus will naturally follow the advice from Public Health England to “Self Isolate” for the recommended timescale.
  • Flexicare UK Ltd commit to and will follow government advice on:
  • Specific Protective clothing required (as detailed from government advice).
  • Keep all communication channels open and transparent to Safeguard our clients health and well being (Flexicare UK Ltd values).
  • Work in partnership with our NHS and Local Authority partners to ensure that EVERYTHING POSSIBLE IS BEING DONE to protect your health and well being at this challenging time in controlling infection.
  • This policy will be revisited and monitored daily as Flexicare UK Ltd will follow implicitly advice from Public Health England and NHS England.